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The world of Andrea Aste inhabits the parallel dimension where magic, fantasy, and art live free. A multi-media artist working in animation, illustration, theatre shows, murals, and comics, Aste seamlessly combines the past and present, blends alchemy with Augmented Reality, integrates ancient codes and alphabets into modern day graphic work, and amalgamates natural science with steampunk fantasy and science fiction.

Multiple-Eisner Award-winning comics legend Ed Brubaker is the co-creator of the Captain America: Winter Soldier storyline. The equally prolific Sean Phillips, although hailing from the UK, has been one of the premier comics artists for every major American publisher for the past twenty-five years. These days, the prolific pair dedicate their talents to their best-selling creator-owned works. They are best known for their masterful contributions to the crime fiction genre graphic novel - from period noir (THE FADE OUT) to Lovecraftian horror (FATALE) to contemporary psychological drama (KILL OR BE KILLED). Brubaker has also written for television, on HBO’s epic Westworld and with Nicolas Winding Refn on the contemporary LA noir Too Old to Die Young (Amazon Prime).

Hugo Canuto is an architect and visual artist from Salvador, Brazil. He seeks to express the relationship between art and mythology through his work in comic books and paintings, creating universes inspired by African and indigenous cultures in the graphic novel medium. His independently published work is meticulously researched for visual and cultural accuracy, in conversation with Afro-Brazilian and Latin American communities.

Jefferson Costa is an award-winning, critically acclaimed artist and animator from São Paulo, Brazil. His animation work has been featured on Cartoon Network and MTV. Costa has won multiple Troféu HQ Mix awards, the "Eisner" of Brazilian comics, for Best Anthology, Best Graphic Novel, Best Graphic Adaptation, and Best National Special Edition, including Best National Artist for 2020. His book ROSEIRA, MEDALHA, ENGENHO E OUTRAS HISTÓRIAS is a series of intersecting stories of the people of rural northeastern Brazil, told through a landscape of collective and individual memories. ROSEIRA won Best National Special Edition for 2020.

Matt Fraction is a multiple-Eisner Award winner, known for his prolific and defining runs on Marvel properties like Hawkeye, The Invincible Iron Man, and Uncanny X-Men. His creator-owned works, like SEX CRIMINALS (with Chip Zdarsky), SOLID STATE (with Albert Monteys), and ODY-C (with Christian Ward) are renowned for being simultaneously irreverent and ground-breaking. His latest book with Terry Dodson, ADVENTUREMAN, harkens back to the swashbuckling pulp comics of the 1940s, with a decidedly modern take. Fraction developed the MonsterVerse as executive producer for the Apple+ series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, giving fresh takes to the legendary Godzilla, King Kong, and others. 

J. Gonzo is a Chicano artist, born and raised in Southern California, now working in Phoenix, AZ. Artistically, his formative years were shaped by the rigid tradition and Byzantine iconography of his Catholic school upbringing juxtaposed with the DIY aesthetic of the late 80s, Orange County Punk counterculture, and peppered with the bright, bold, Latino hues from his grandparents' house. Gonzo has spent the past 25-plus years using his creative skills at ad agencies, design studios, toy companies, and as a professional tattoo artist. He has turned his talents to creating the comic LA MANO DEL DESTINO, set in the Technicolor world of lucha libre in 1960s Mexico, which is now published through Top Cow and Image Comics. He is also the artist for the lauded biographic comic, La Voz de M.A.Y.O.: Tata Rambo (Top Cow/Image Comics) and has recently lent his talents to the world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW). 

J.R. Hughto works in creative marketing by day, leading award-winning campaigns for some of your favorite movies and streaming TV shows. By night, he carves out time to tell his own stories. J.R.’s film Diamond on Vinyl premiered at the 2013 Slamdance Film Festival to critical acclaim from The Hollywood Reporter, Fangoria, and others, and was awarded Best Director and Best Ensemble at the 2013 Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles as well as Best Feature Drama at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.

Curt Merlo is an editorial illustrator by day, illustrating the latest news or the most mundane of stories for publications all around the world. By night, he is locked in his studio (completely unnecessarily) and making and self-publishing books. THAT DISTANT FIRE will be his 7th book but is his first Graphic Novel. It has been a dream project for Curt.

Eric Peleias is a writer, comic artist, illustrator, and graphic designer from Brazil. One time winner and several times nominated for the Troféu HQMIX, the highest comics award in Brazil. Eric has worked with some of the best artists in the world, with enthusiastic reception from the public and critics alike for his independently published works in Portuguese. He also shares his talents as an instructor and mentor to upcoming comics creators.

Bill Sienkiewicz (pronounced sin-KEV-itch) is an Eisner-winning, Emmy-nominated artist best known for revamping the style of comic and graphic novel illustration from 1980 onward, most notably with Marvel Comic's Elektra: Assassin and his acclaimed graphic novel Stray Toasters, earning him an international reputation and cult status across media industries.

His work has graced the National Museum of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; galleries in Paris, Barcelona and Tuscany; and Spain's famed La Semana Negra Festival.

Maria and Ileana Surducan (Romania)

The Surducan Sisters are dynamic and acclaimed children's book illustrators from Romania whose work has been published and licensed internationally.

Maria Surducan has been working for over ten years as an illustrator and comic book author. Her favorite subjects are Eastern European myths and folk tales and the different ways in which they can be reshaped for new generations. Her works received the 2020 Alfabéta Award from the Hungarian Comics Association, the 2021 Vladimir Colin SF-Fantasy Award as well as the 2021 Comic Art Europe grant and residency.

Ileana Surducan works in the media of illustration, comics, and ceramics. She has been publishing picture-books, graphic novels and comics anthologies for over 10 years. She enjoys creating stories with multiple levels of meaning, that can be enjoyed both by adults and children - becoming timeless and universal. 


A publishing company based in London that helps aspiring creators reach their potential and is a home to geniuses that the mainstream has yet to recognize. Tillie Walden's first graphic novel was with Avery Hill. Their canon ranges from the deeply personal to the wildly fantastic, including autobiographical, psychogeographical mappings; eco-anarchist wizards; and a bad canine named Greasy (to name just a few).

Balão Editorial debuted in 2010, initially publishing comics, literature, and academic books. Later, they expanded to include a collection of children's books . Their mission revolves around sharing culture, academic wisdom, and fostering a love for reading, all with the aim of ensuring that information is readily available to all. They publish critically acclaimed, wildly popular stories that regularly sell out of their initial print runs. 

“A House of Quixotic Publishing.”

Beehive Books is a boutique company committed to producing book-art editions of distinctive literary and pictorial works with singular design sensibilities, the highest production values, and a special emphasis on comics and graphic art. Beehive’s books and artworks crackle and seethe with true, unmistakable magic. 

Beehive’s audience is a select group, with idiosyncratic and highly discerning taste. Lovers of the weird and unique - collectors, code-breakers, archivists, infonauts, futurists, scholars, fellow-travelers, and literary adventurists - are drawn to their distinctive creations

Bubble éditions is a publisher empowered by the members of Bubble (a famous online comic book marketplace and community in France). Creator-centric, bubble éditions offers authors a fair and transparent relationship. Its mission is to support the emergence of breakout young talents, French and foreign, by taking a chance on their first books and supporting their career onward and upward.

Bulgilhan Press is a small press comics publisher founded and run by Zach Clemente, dedicated to working with individual artists to bring beautiful, unique, and self-indulgent works to life. Bulgilhan is a home for a wide variety of cartoonists looking for a publishing partner that trusts their vision, artistic intuition, and storytelling prowess without pushing an outsized editorial influence based on non-artistic motivations. The name Bulgilhan (불길한) translates to "sinister" in Korean and "sinistra" is slang for "left-handed" in Italian. In Zach's Korean and Italian backgrounds, the concept led him to name this press Bulgilhan to show that wonderful things can be made despite being perceived as evil.

Fieldmouse Press is a nonprofit publisher of comics and literature, based in Grass Valley, California, committed to expanding the reach and appreciation of the comics arts. Fieldmouse Press began in 2019, with the online literary magazine SOLRAD. Since 2021, it has been publishing comics that advance the medium through the elevation of new and underrepresented voices. They believe that comics should be a place for every story and every person. 

The premiere "new contemporary" art journal, Hi-Fructose focuses squarely on the art which transcends genre and trend, delivering readers thorough coverage and content that is informative and original. Hi-Fructose showcases an amalgamation of emerging as well as distinguished artists, with a spotlight on awe-inspiring spectacles from round the world. 

Hotel de las Ideas began as a collective of cartoonists and writers publishing comics fanzines in Argentina. Their popularity led to the opening of a successful bookstore, and eventually to publishing books - with impressive results and wild enthusiasm. Hotel de las Ideas' award-winning authors include Sole Otero (winner of the 2023 Angoulême Audience Prize and the 2019 Premio FNAC International Graphic Novel Award), Juan Sáenz Valiente, Lucas Varela, Carlos Nine, and Lauri Fernández. These artists (and others) have gained international attention, with several of their books already in translation.

Éditions Kinaye began publishing in January 2019. Romain Galand, its founder, previously worked for Éditions Glénat (France) and Valiant Comics (United States). It was during his stay in the United States that he discovered the richness and diversity of American comics for children and decided to found Éditions Kinaye, dedicated entirely to this type of publication. Since 2021, it has also published original creations with authors such as Yohan Sacré, Mélanie Allag, Sourya, Elsa Bordier and Jonathan Garnier.

Nuevo Nueve (or "New Nine") refers to the founder's birthday and the concept of comics as a "ninth art." Since its launch, it has focused on children's and youth comics, graphic novels, and illustrated books. Although part of its catalog are albums by Franco-Belgian and Italian authors, it has also published numerous works by Spanish authors such as Miguel Ángel Martín , Juan Berrio , El Torres, and Paco Sordo among others.

Pipoca & Nanquim (P&N) was founded in 2017, growing out of the biggest comics YouTube channel in Brazil to become a major publisher. The founders of the channel were experienced editors who saw the need to bring amazing comics from all over the world to Brazil. P&N filled this gap by licensing books by creators like Alan Moore, Chris Claremont, Ozamu Tezuka, Moebius, Chabouté, Paolo Serpieri, Junji Ito, Milo Manara, and dozens of others. P&N is continuously recognized for its outstanding work, with the unprecedented feat of winning HQMix awards for Best Comics Publisher in Brazil 4 years in a row. In 2019, P&N capitalized on its success by publishing original material by renowned Brazilian authors, winning more awards, acclaim, and enthusiastic fans. 

Silver Sprocket is a San Francisco-based radical indie publisher, art-crew, gallery, and comic shop striving to build a better world without forgetting to have a good time. Combining whimsy and social justice, Silver Sprocket is fiercely pro-creator, with complete transparency in all business and publishing practices. Fans of Fantagraphics and Drawn & Quarterly who don't take themselves too seriously will fall in love with Silver Sprocket. 

Storm King Comics was formed in 2012 as a division of Storm King Productions, and is headed by writer/producer and editor Sandy King. Along with her husband, director John Carpenter, King focuses on bringing the best writers from the worlds of comics, movies and novels to bring their special brand of horror and sci-fi entertainment to comics. Their flagship comic book title John Carpenter’s Asylum has become a global fan favorite, followed by the award-winning annual anthology, John Carpenter’s Tales for a HalloweeNight, and the monthly anthology series, John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction. More recent additions to the Storm King brand are Dark & Twisted, John Carpenter’s Night Terrors, and John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids, introducing horror and sci-fi to younger audiences. 

"Real Books for People Who Give a Damn." Street Noise Books' motto says it all. Graphic non-fiction and memoirs that push the boundaries of the genre forward. Their list focuses on books that reflect a radical, feminist, queer, and inclusive social vision.

Z2 Comics is the premier producer of top quality music-based comics and graphic novels - ranging from fantasy and sci-fi musician-character narratives to artistic interpretations of important moments in music history to stories inspired and/or written by the most important musical talents in the world. Z2 is where music + comics collide.


Founded in 2014, Azantian Literary is committed to guiding the careers of both new and established voices in fiction and nonfiction, particularly those who have been historically underrepresented. Whether a heart-warming contemporary, a moving true story, or a grand epic fantasy, they look for the universal truths in our stories that connect us all.