Full Bleed Rights is a boutique rights agency specializing in selling foreign rights for comics and graphic works, offering artist management and consulting services. Our roster of clients is thoughtfully curated for those eager to discover their next favorite thing. We represent award-winning, world-renowned creators from a kaleidoscope of backgrounds and artistic approaches, who are crafting the finest illustrated stories and objects in a wide array of styles, genres, and even formats. Not limited to the comics and graphic novel medium, Full Bleed Rights’ clients’ work extends into books, periodicals, zines, tarot card decks, and beyond. The incomparable talent represented by Full Bleed Rights engages a vast and varied audience and provides them with unparalleled experiences.

Amber Garza (she/her) brings decades of legal and licensing experience to her position as founder and principal agent. She is dedicated to Full Bleed Rights' mission to empower comics creators and illustrators by expanding their international reach and facilitating cross-cultural exchange through art and popular culture in translation.

A photo of Amber Garza, by Mahita Penke

Founder & Principal Agent, Amber Garza (she/her)

Photo credit: Mahita Penke

Full Bleed Rights LLC was founded in 2020 by a queer woman of color, with a mission of expanding the range of quality voices through art and words on an international scale.